SEVEN AT ONE STROKE – that’s seven questions a day for comic artists and illustrators. This time: Carolina Búzio

Carolina Búzio is an illustrator and animator born in Porto, Portugal, in 1989. Currently based in Berlin.

Why did you start drawing?

Honestly I’m not sure! My parents tell me I’ve been doing it ever since I could hold a pencil. It is my favourite activity since I was 3 years old.

How would you describe your style?

Colourful, bold, with a mid-century vibe. Somewhere between cute and funny.

Which topics are particularly close to your heart?

As long as I can draw characters (people or animals) I am in my happy place! I love that you can create something that isn’t real, that came from your imagination, and have people connect with it on an emotional level. Characters are usually the perfect vehicles for that.

How do you find inspiration?

Mostly from observing other people and animals and making mental notes about colour combinations since so much of my work is about bold colour schemes.

What can comics, cartoons and illustrations accomplish that other media can’t?

First, you can draw from imagination… illustration doesn’t have to be constrained to physical laws or existing things. Second, I think a drawing also leaves space to the viewers imagination to better imagine themselves in the characters’ place or even to connect different visual ideas together. If you show illustrations one after the other, the brain will naturally try to connect them in some way as if they are telling a story.

Your most beautiful/worst experience as a comic artist/illustrator?

Most beautiful: That magical moment when you are so deep in a drawing or project that you feel the flow and excitement of doing something that is good. Worst experience: having a client hire me but then keep on asking me to change my style into something it is not.

Can you complete the sentence „It matters to me that…” for us?

It matters to me that people do not assume the worst about each other when entering a conversation or discussion. And in a very self-centered way, it also matters to me that I can keep on doing art until I’m 90, haha.

I would like to advertise this project of mine:

I’d like to promote someone else’s project actually… I really like “Herchive”, a project from illustrators that aims to share and put women artists back in art history!

Instagram: @carolinabuzio

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