SEVEN AT ONE STROKE – that’s seven questions a day for comic artists and illustrators. This time: Ann Kiernan

Ann Kiernan is an Irish illustrator/artist based in Berlin.

Why did you start drawing?

I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil, but I guess I draw because I find it to be the most efficient and effective way to express myself.

How would you describe your style?

I would say I’m a bit of a chameleon when it comes to style, it really depends on the medium I use or even my mood (if it’s personal work) – professionally I usually describe my style as bold and dynamic when I work with ink, which is what most clients hire me for.

Which topics are particularly close to your heart?

The topic that draws me in most is the human element and their relationships to their surroundings or to things.

How do you find inspiration?

I visit galleries to keep my creative cup filled but also, I simply watch and observe people, even the most simple action can spark inspiration for me.

What can comics, cartoons and illustrations accomplish that other media can’t?

Get to the heart of a story/issue without words, I like to think imagery is a universal language.

Your most beautiful/worst experience as a comic artist/illustrator?

When someone tells me an image I’ve made has affected them, I know I’ve hit a mark and that is the thing that pushes me forward. The fact that I get to draw and paint for a living is very special.

Can you complete the sentence „It matters to me that…” for us?

It matters to me that illustrators are recognised as having a valid career. When considering budgets, a potential client should put themselves in the shoes of the illustrator they approach and ask themselves – What do I expect to get paid for a day or an hour of my time? They should consider that this illustrator has usually invested many years of study, time and finances into practicing their craft. Likewise there is a responsibility with illustrators to consider the industry as a whole when deciding on their rate.

Instagram: @ann_kiernan
Twitter: @annieillustrate

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