7IN1STROKE – that’s 7 questions a day for comic artists and illustrators.

Anyone can take part. Established comic artists and illustrators as well as people who have only drawn for themselves so far.  Web comics, print, cartoons, manga, illustrations, comics – everything should be on an equal footing.

Just send me (wiesnerjens@gmail.com) your answers to the 7 questions, your website and social media/Tumblr pages plus a drawn portrait of you and – if you like – a few examples of your art, your year of birth and your hometown.

1. Why did you start drawing?
2. How would you describe your style?
3. Which topics are particularly close to your heart?
4. How do you find inspiration?
5. What can comics, cartoons and illustrations accomplish that other media can’t?
6. Your most beautiful/worst experience as a comic artist/illustrator?
7. Can you complete the sentence: „It matters to me that…” for us? (no matter if answered in a serious or funny manner, if concerning the comic scene or concerning the society as a whole)

In addition to the 7 questions, I will introduce another category, namely: „I would like to advertise this project of mine: […]“ Here you can either leave a website to your newest book/project/webshop or write something.

You can also choose which of these categories you’d like to appear in: Comics / Illustration / Manga / Cartoons

You can find out more about me at www.jenswiesner.com

A word on how to deal with the interview statements you sent in: the answers are unabridged and the wording unedited. In cases where unambiguously untrue statements are made, I will add a clarifying comment to these statements. I will delete blatantly inhuman statements and statements with a clear troll character, but I will make this deletion recognizable. There is no right of publication.

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